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Series set at Meds-PDN

March 13, 2010

The Professional Development Network at Medical Educational Services, Inc. has asked me to present this May 14 in Annapolis. You can click here to learn more.

Assessment, Treatment, and Management of ADHD for School and Life Success

While the concepts of ADHD are increasingly familiar, parents, educators, school administrators, and clinicians continue to be obstructed by misinformation and myths about this disorder. Despite our increase in research and awareness of ADHD, too many children suffer from missed educational and life opportunities based on inconsistent and ineffective treatment programs.

The purpose of this presentation is to demystify diagnosis of ADHD, to provide an effective wraparound treatment plan that involves all significant stakeholders in mutually effective collaboration and to provide actual hands-on experience with tools that work. The result is an empowering experience for parents, teachers, clinicians, and —- the student in addressing the disorder early and providing successful experiences.

Each participant will receive written materials prepared by Dr. Stephen Silverman.


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