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picture-1Stephan M. Silverman, Ph.D., is a Maryland licensed psychologist who has been practicing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1975.

Dr. Silverman specializes in psychological diagnosis of children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities, attention deficits, and atypical developmental disorders such as autistic spectrum disorders.   He also specializes in counseling support for parents of children with disabilities and guidance to young adults in life transitions.

Dr. Silverman is the author of “School Success for Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome” (with Rich Weinfeld), “School Success for Kids with ADHD” (with Jaqueline S. Iseman, Ph.D. and Sue Jeweler) and “101 School Success Tools for Students With ADHD” (with Jaqueline S. Iseman, Ph.D. and Sue Jeweler).  They may all be purchased at Amazon.

Dr. Silverman hold’s Master and Doctoral degrees from Emory University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.